Frequently Asked Questions

Why are prices not shown on items that are out of stock?

We do not show prices on out-of-stock items as we cannot guarantee that new stock will be the same price when it becomes available again. Item prices can vary both up and down due to a number of external influences and we will always attempt to offer the best price that we can on any item we have available.

Why is the cost of shipping not shown in the checkout screen?

We calculate shipping on an order-by-order basis. This is a complex procedure that requires human help to ensure that you are offered shipping that suits your time frame and/or budget whilst also ensuring that your items arrive in excellent condition. Once we have calculated the shipping cost we will notify you so that you can complete your payment.

Why don’t you offer free shipping?

It is rare that ‘Free’ shipping is actually free. In most of the cases we have seen, the cost of ‘free shipping’ is normally included in the advertised price of an item. We would prefer to keep our prices to a minimum for everyone so we choose not to offer free shipping. In doing so, we do not disadvantage our large number of ’walk-in & collect’ customers. Of course, if shipping is required, we will always do everything we can to keep shipping charges to a minimum whilst ensuring that your items arrive in excellent condition.

I am not sure if I am looking at the correct item on the website, how can I find out if it is the part I need?

Ask us. We can be contacted by email on, by phone on 07 32668133 or by completing the ‘Ask a VW mechanic’ contact box at the bottom of every parts info screen. We will need to know the model & year of your vehicle (ie: 1963 Beetle or 1977 Kombi with 2ltr motor) as well as any modification that have been made (if any). If you are unsure of any of this information please email clear photos of the vehicle, the old part and/or the location that the part is fitted. Please note that we do charge a restocking fee if you purchase the incorrect part and then return it.

I have purchased an item but I am unsure how to fit it correctly, how can I get instructions?

Ask us. We have qualified and experienced VW mechanics on staff to help you with any fitting (or dismantling) questions.

Can Mick Motors fit parts that I purchase from this website or over the counter?

No – sorry. We no longer have a workshop or many of the tools required to perform repairs or installations. We are happy to help with instructions if you would like to attempt the repair/installation yourself (see question above).

My order has not yet arrived, how can I find out where it is?

Please check your email for tracking information. We send you an email containing all the tracking information as we pack and when we process and dispatch your order. If you have checked your email (and your junk/spam folder) and followed the procedure for tracking and you still have had no luck finding your order please email or call us on 07 32668133.

The part I need is not on your website, can you get it for me?

We are keen to hunt down items that we don’t already have available. Please email or call 07 32668133 with your request.

I have found an item with’*SO*’ in front of the description, what does this mean?

Items marked with ‘*SO*’ are special order only. We do not normally keep these items in stock but they are available to order (subject to availability). Please see the ordering procedure for special order items on our special order info page.

I have an account with a courier company, can I use my own courier for shipping?

Sure. Just let us know who your account is with and we will email you with the weights and dimensions once your order is packed and ready for dispatch so that you can arrange for your courier to collect.