Collections during COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the health risks from the COVID-19 virus we have made the difficult decision to stop offering over-the-counter customer service in the shop.

We are still open for business and will happily speak to you on the phone, answer your emails, process and ship your orders to anywhere in Australia.

Whilst health authorities are strongly recommending that, wherever possible, everyone stay home and have your orders delivered, we will continue to offer an order collection service from the shop for now.

Please seriously consider having your order delivered.

To arrange a order for collection please follow the instruction below:

1. Place your order:
  - On-line:  Select 'pick-up' as your preferred freight option when checking-out.
  - Email:  Email your order to ''
  - Phone:  Call our team on 07 3266 8133 and discuss your order requirements.

2. Nominate your requested collection time.  Please be reasonable - we are always busy.

When you arrive at the shop to collect your order:

1. Stay in your vehicle.

2. Call us on 07 3266 8133 to notify us of your arrival.  Stay in your vehicle.

3. A team member will place your order on the ground, just outside the shop door and return to the shop.

4. Exit your vehicle and collect your order.

Do not knock on the shop door - we will not attend or open it.  Call us - 07 3266 8133.

These procedures have been put in place to reduce the risk from COVID-19 to the health of our staff and to also reduce the risk of contamination of our shop and therefore the possible risk of transfer of the virus to our customers.

There will be no exception to this policy - we will not open the shop door and speak with you face-to-face.

Please stay safe and do everything you can to help stop the transfer of COVID-19.